7 Tips to Travel Like a Boss

If the travel bug is found to be genetic then I can thank my dad for my addiction.  Since he takes 120+ flights a year I asked him to summarize some of his top tips for those who are a bit more amateur with flying. Understanding these common issues can make travel a bit less stressful, and by following my tips on knowing your rights posted here, you can navigate these bumps with a bit less stress.

Screaming at the ticketing agent isn’t going to get your grounded flight in the air any faster during a snowstorm so pack a good book, grab a drink, and learn to travel like a boss – preferably in the business class lounge.

Rob’s Rules of Travel:

1)    Connecting flights – No matter the weather conditions and other factors causing delays, when your incoming flight is late your connecting flight is always on time.

2)    Nexus/TSA Pre – Despite all the signs and information available some people still insist on taking off their shoes, coats and remove liquids, electronics that they don’t have to.  Clearly should be a test when you sign up and only allow those who can pass a minimum intelligence level to qualify.  Anyone who still can’t figure out how to go through security should be suspended from the program.

3)    The later the flight the further out your gate is.  Want to arrive at gate 99 in YYZ, try arriving at 1:00 am for a healthy 30 minute walk. Better yet, when the weather is horrible and the first 200 metres is outside.

4)    There is a definite correlation between how much of a hurry you are in, and how delayed your flight is.  Midday flight no appointments, right on time.  Birthday dinner, running close, guaranteed 4 hour delay.  When the pilot announces that the flight looks like it will arrive early, almost guaranteed to have a ground hold, gate occupied or ground crew shortage to prove them wrong.

5)    After you spend time on seat selection and prebook a bulkhead, aisle, or exit row seat how is that some people have the gall to ask if you would mind changing with him so he/she can sit beside their spouse?  Really not sure you always need that much closeness anyway but I sure don’t have a problem saying “hell no”.

6)    Flight delays come in 20 minute increments.  Even when you verify on an independent app like Flightviewer that the incoming flight hasn’t even left yet and you will be at least 4 hours delayed, the airline insists on letting you know 20 minutes at a time.  Some kind of training program I guess to keep customers on their toes.

7)    Airline food actually gets a bit of a bad rap.  Not the free hot meals they still insist on forking out on overseas flights.  No those are crap and should be avoided at all costs.  I’m talking about the buy on board stuff.  Pretty good sandwiches, salads and snacks which improved dramatically once you started having to pay.  In fact, I have asked for a selection from that menu when flying business class as the selection was better than the pre-plated stuff up front.  On the other hand, people bringing their own food on board should be banned.  Whole plane ends up smelling like a food court and what is it about being on a plane that all of a sudden you can’t go a couple of hours without food?