Essential Phone Apps for Travelling

With thousands of travel apps out there, how do you know what you really need?

Here are the ones I never leave home without:

Google Maps. Before leaving home, download the offline maps of all areas you will be travelling to. You may not have cell service or data in these areas and it then functions as a traditional GPS system without requiring data or internet. When you’re lost wandering on the island of St. Lucia after trying to find a waterfall, you’ll be glad you did this.

TripIt – the easiest way to organize all those confirmation numbers for flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. When you receive  an email confirmation for each booking, you simply click forward and send it to TripIt account. When you head out on your trip, all your info is stored in one simple app.

Ebates – Several airline and hotel booking sites offer cash back if you connect through Ebates. If you aren’t already using Ebates   Click here for $5 to get you started.

Airline specific apps. Some airlines require you to download their apps to access their entertainment (Air Canada rouge and United are two)  Before you fly, download the app for the airline.

Netflix – you can download movies and shows to watch offline. This can save you from purchasing entertainment from airlines who charge for this

Tripadvisor – they’ve gone downhill since they eliminated their city guides however you can still download some offline content for certain destinations. Tripadvisor is also the fastest way to find fun things to do and good places to eat when you arrive in a town.  Also, I will never book accommodation without taking a peek at Tripadvisor reviews. When the reviews say they have bed bugs, you don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night in a hostel in Panama itching and covered in bites to believe them, trust the reviewers.

XE Currency – excellent currency conversion tool.  Saves you from having to do the math yourself every time you make a purchase.

– There are so many others that are dependent on specific areas but can help you save money while at your destination: Uber, Groupon, Hotwire, are all essential apps I have on my phone.