Klang in Cambodia

 I came to Cambodia 4 years ago and intended to stay 3 months. After I decided I wanted to stay longer I came across a lovely pup with the cutest face. She was living at my friends house (local) and she was full of ticks, fleas and worms. The owners loved her (and all their other animals), but didn’t know about veterinarian treatments and disease.
cambodia 1
I asked them if I could adopt her, but they said no because she was sick. I told them I’m a veterinary nurse and could help her. Then they gave her to me.
Cambodia 2
The first thing was to give her a shower with tick and flea shampoo and I bought rice and beef for her at the local shop (after 2 days they knew ‘food for dog’ and they started to give a bigger portion for the same price). It was horrible weather so I couldn’t take her to the vet in mainland, but after 5 days I could get her on a boat.
The vet checked her out and beside being skinned there was nothing wrong with her. So just worm tablets and tick and flea treatment and of course proper dog food (Royal Canin, which costs a fortune here. But hey, she’s a princess) she gained weight and grew a lot.
Cambodia 4
Whenever she got scared of something she would run to the old house where she grew up and the owners would feed her and wait for me to finish work and pick her up. They saw how much she’d grown and we’re really happy.
She was about 3/4 months when I found her, now she’s 3,5 years and over 20 kg! Her name is Klang and if I ever intend to leave Cambodia she comes to Europe with me.
I had her vaccinated as soon as possible and is up to date since then. She has an international passport and a microchip. Since the day I found her I intended to bring her with me wherever I go. It happened I stayed in Cambodia much longer than intended but if the day comes, she’ll board a plane with me.
We’ve already been on boats, buses, cars and moto’s together. Maybe one day she’ll fly.
She got a bad case of tick fever 2 years ago and that resulted in a bad skin condition, which lasted till last summer. After numerous treatments and vet appointments her fur never looked shinier or fuller. She’s a happy bouncy girl and loves to run on the beach with her friends and ‘catch fish’ in the sea.
I don’t think she ever caught one, but she doesn’t seem to mind.
– Anne & Klang
Cambodia 3

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