Rocky in Greece

The situation for stray dogs in Greece (and many other countries) is dire. At the end of tourist season (or before) dogs can get rounded up or poisoned. Rocky was living in a remote area of Greece where she was much loved by local people even though she was a stray. She had 9 puppies, and there were plans to adopt them out.

Greece 2

Unfortunately the municipality had other plans, and Rocky was removed and her puppies disappeared. The people who had been feeding her were distraught and spent days searching for her and the pups. The puppies were never found, but Rocky managed to find her way back after 3 days. Two rescuers promptly scooped her up and took her to safety, and cared for her until she could come to Canada several months later. Things have turned out very well for Rocky (now called Lea), thanks to Carole who fell in love with her at first sight. She’s much loved and very well cared for and is safe forever. We wish this was the outcome for all strays.

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Thank you to Sara for being her flight buddy, to her flight sponsor, and to her rescuers who work tirelessly to save, neuter and care for as many strays as they can while also educating people about caring for and neutering stray dogs. While we can’t, even collectively, save them all we celebrate every wonderful outcome like this.

– Kayra, Animals without borders.

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